Mar 14 - 2019

ARBOS & AGRICON enter into a strategic partnership in GREECE

ARBOS add a strategic new “flag” and will distribute its products on the Greek market through AGRICON SA’s new organization.

Athens, Greece – 14 March: the ARBOS brand will boost its presence and that of its line of tractors in the Mediterranean area thanks to a new strategic distribution agreement with AGRICON in GREECE.

The senior management of ARBOS Group and AGRICON SA have signed an exclusive long-term distribution agreement for the Greek market. AGRICON SA, founded in 2019 in Athens, has proven knowledge and a high level of professional skills for succeeding in the agricultural machinery distribution market. AGRICON has a structured network and is aiming to expand its network with a further 16 dealers in the areas where it operates. The agreement entails the distribution of the ARBOS line of tractors and spare parts throughout the whole Greek territory and creates the basis for the most important ARBOS business expansion into the European Mediterranean region.
The ARBOS brand and its range of tractors is ideal for creating a new competitive alternative and introducing new features to meet Greek farmers’ needs; the key basis for sales is made up of the Narrow and Low Profile 3000/4000 F specialized tractors from 50 HP to 110 HP to cover the market segment of professional farmers, particularly in the vineyard and orchard areas; additional products like the 4000 E (equal size wheels type) series would constitute a good alternative to engage mid-level farmers focusing on horticulture. ARBOS tractors are well positioned in terms of specifications without over-engineered solutions; overall dimensions are considered premium level by Greek farmers.
“We are proud to initiate a new challenge with such a professional, historic and strong organization. ARBOS in Greece will soon become a benchmark for farmers. In 2019 we expect to see the Greek business back in the top 10 of our sales operations,” explained the Sales, Marketing & Aftersales Director of ARBOS Group, Massimo ZUBELLI.
“We are confident that the solid character demonstrated by AGRICON will ensure this positive prospect. The 3-year business plan is challenging but my team will provide 100% support in order to succeed,” explained the Regional Sales Manager of ARBOS Group, Oscar MESSORI.
“The team has worked very hard from the beginning and demonstrated passion and great commitment to pave the way for the success of ARBOS in GREECE. We are sure that we will be adding another shining star to the constellation of our business,” said both Mr J.D. TZANIDAKIS, Chairman of AGRICON SA, and Ms Lia D. TZANIDAKI V.P. Director of UNITRACK AEE.
AGRICON SA was founded in 2019 exclusively for the distribution of ARBOS Group products in Greece and has proven experience in selling machinery, spare parts and delivery of top-flight services to final customers. The directors and shareholders of AGRICON SA have been in the business of distributing top global construction machinery, parts and services brands for 37 years, thus obtaining great experience and insight into the Greek market. 
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