3060 E SW/AR


The new equal-wheels ARBOS tractors present themselves renewed and compliant with the new TMR 2 norms (Tractor Mother Regulation).
The combination of a tapered chassis, a reduced steering radius, four-wheel drive and the powerful 25, 33, 38 or 48 HP direct injection engine make the 3000 E the ideal machines for working between narrow rows in vineyards and low-hanging orchards with limited room to manoeuvre. The compact loadbearing structure of this model ensures the centre of gravity remains low and close to centre of the machine, enabling optimal weight distribution for safe operation, even when using very heavy tools.

Technical features

Brand FCA
Cylinders/Displacement N°3
Engine Rated Power (ECE R120) 35 kW 48 HP
Rated speed rpm
Max. torque Nm
Max. torque engine speed rpm 
Emission level 3A
After treatment system  
Fuel tank capacity  
Syncronized Mechanical Shuttle with dry clutch  Y
Powershuttle with Wet clutch  
N° Speed 12+4, 16+16
Min. speed Km/h
Max. speed Km/h
Mechanical diff lock Y
Electrohydraulic diff lock  
Gear Pump -
Load sensing pump -
Number of hydraulic pumps -
Pump flow rate (1st, 2nd, 3rd circuit) Pump output 38 l/min, open-centre
with up to 2 rear mechanical distributors
Rear hydraulic control valves (max) -
Front hydraulic control valves (max) -
Platform Y
Low profile cab -
Air conditioning
Hydrostatic steering -
Driver's seat with mechanical suspension -
Driver's seat with penumatic suspension -
Wheelbase 1370 mm
Length front bumper/rear lifting arms (min - max) mm
Width (min - max) 1195-1515 mm
Height to cab (min - max) nn
Heigh to low profile cab ( min-max)  
Height at seat (min - max) mm
Ground clearance mm
Minimum turning radius with brakes m
Weight with safety frame (w/out ballast) 1650 kg
Weight with cab (w/out ballast) nn
Mechanical with draft and position control -
Mechancical with draft control and EASY lift -
Electrohydraulic with draft position control -
Lifting capacity 1500 kg
3 point hitch Category -