The MCA-W ELEKTRO fertilizer spreader is a compact, accurate machine. It is used for distributing granular, powder and pellet chemical fertilizers. The particular shape of the hopper limits the max. clearance width to 1.10 meters, thus allowing the fertilization of crops with extremely narrow planting layout. The ELEKTRO system allows you to adjust the opening of the dosing sections automatically, according to the tractor speed and the current flow characteristics of the mineral s used for fertilization. Due to automatic filtering, the 4 load cells calculate the different characteristics extremely accurately and reliably, including when in motion.
  • Multi stages coating on the hopper, frame, grid and filter (cataphoretic corrosion resistant treatment and polyester powder coating included)
  • Hopper bottom, spreading discs, nuts and bolts, agitators and opening discs in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel vanes kit for 10-18 m working width
  • Three-point hitch, cat. I and II
  • 1” 3/8 Z6-D.25 cardan shaft (1000 mm long) with safety bolt
  • Auto-calibrating, continuous monitoring weighing system
  • Automatic adjustment on sloping ground (25° on two axles)
  • Automatic dosing system depending on the forward speed of the tractor (DPA)
  • Independent electric actuators for opening and closing of the right and left sections
  • ISOBUS connectivity 11783

Technical features

PTO 540 r.p.m
SIZE 110X98X148 cm
WEIGHT 200 kg