Powered by a 6 cylinder Stage V FPT engine delivering up to 280 HP in Overpower mode, the ARBOS 7260 is the range-topping model in the ARBOS 7000 Series of machines for open field applications.
Tireless and fuel-efficient, the 7260 boasts a 5-speed ADVANCED+ transmission working in conjunction with a 4-speed implement powershift, a 3-range underdrive and an electrohydraulic reverse shuttle, offering a choice of 60 forward speeds and 15 reverse speeds for extraordinary efficiency and flexibility whatever the task.
No less capable is the high performance hydraulic system of the ARBOS 7260, which features a 160 l/min load sensing piston pump delivering oil to up to 5 electrohydraulic distributors -  all of which fully configurable from the armrest in the cab - and the electronic rear lift, fitted as standard, with a lift capacity of 10,500 kg.
The HI-VISION MAXI cab is equally impressive: this quiet and spacious cab offers superlative comfort and unrivalled all-round visibility and features the same prize-winning ergonomics and design which already earned praise on the 5000 series.
With a style that is modern and aggressive but also elegant – the distinctive traits of the design language that has defined the products of the ARBOS Group for years - the ARBOS 7260 responds comprehensively to all the requisites of today's market and operator in terms of: quality, superior performance and reliability, sturdiness, versatility, innovation and sustainability.
Key features:
  • 6 cyl. Stage V FPT engine with up to 280 HP in Overpower mode
  • 2000 bar Common Rail fuel injection
  • 60+15 speed transmission with 4-stage “implement PWS”
  • Electrohydraulic reverse shuttle, 4WD and electro-hydraulic DIFF-lock
  • Lift capacity 10,500 kg
  • Open centre hydraulic system with 160 l/min load sensing pump and 5 electrohydraulic distributors
  • HI-VISION MAXI cab with air-sprung seat
  • Wheelbase 2950 mm
  • Weight 8500 kg
The engine of the 7000 series is truly worthy of mention. The heart of the new ARBOS flagship is the high output 6 cylinder Stage V engine built by FPT, the leading producer of powerplants for agricultural vehicles, with an impressive displacement of 6700 cc and up to 280 HP of power (in Overpower mode) ensuring all the performance you need for any task.
The 6.7 litre 6 cylinder engine produces 206 kW at 1900 rpm and 1100 Nm of maximum torque at 1400 rpm, while the architecture, with no EGR system, latest generation common rail fuel injection and a turbocharger with wastegate ensure superlative combustion efficiency, minimising fuel consumption while maximising power density.
Another key feature of the engine is the renowned HI-eSCR2 exhaust aftertreatment system. Conceived to comply with the new Stage V emissions regulation, this is the most effective emissions control system in existence today for an agricultural machine.
This technology also contributes significantly to productivity - allowing the engine to attain a power and torque density 15% higher than the average for the competition - reliability and environmental sustainability, and to minimising operating costs. The engine also uses up to 3% less fluids than the competition, with an average consumption of 195 g/kwH. Combined with the generously sized tank, this lets the operator work uninterruptedly throughout the entire working day.
The impressive power of the engine is meaningless unless it can be transmitted effectively to the wheels and ground. This is where the ADVANCED+ transmission comes into play. Developed entirely in-house by ARBOS, this transmission takes the already excellent technical solutions introduced on the 5000 series to the next level for the 7000 series in a modular configuration.
Built to soak up and transmit the power and torque of heavy duty tractors, this transmission - denominated “implement powershift” - ensures efficiency and flexibility in any task.
The transmission consists of a synchromesh 5 speed main gearbox mated to a set of 4 multi-plate wet clutches catering seamlessly for an extensive range of ground speeds and offering a total of 60 forward speeds and 15 reverse speeds, with 4 powershift ranges available for each of the 5 synchronised speeds of the main gearbox.
Completing the transmission package equipping the ARBOS 7000 series are 2 ranges (Standard and Creeper) and a powershift reverse shuttle controlled from a lever under the steering wheel.
The high performance hydraulic circuit of the ARBOS 7000 features a 160 l/min Load Sensing piston pump which optimises hydraulic oil delivery and feeds oil to up to 5 electrohydraulic distributor - all of which completely configurable from the armrest in the cab - and an electronic rear lift (as standard equipment) with a lift capacity of 10,500 kg, extremely precise position control, draft control and settable maximum lift height and drop rate, for total versatility and for working effectively with any heavy duty implement intended for use with this class of machine.
While the engine is the heart of the tractor and the transmission is its skeleton and muscles, the cab is the nerve centre of the machine, putting the operator in complete control of all of its functions.
The spacious HI-VISION MAXI cab of the ARBOS 7000 offers extraordinary comfort, ergonomics and visibility, reiterating all the prize-winning and highly acclaimed features of the 5000 series cab in a larger format.
With 100 mm of extra width compared with the 5000 series, the 4-pillar structure broadens the horizons of the operator, offering an unobstructed all-round view of the surrounding road or field for total control over the task in hand.
All the controls of the tractor are within easy reach from the air-sprung operator seat: from the reverse shuttle lever under the steering wheel and the comfortable gear and range selector lever to the hydraulic and electronic functions organised on the multifunction armrest. All operating parameters are states are displayed on the built-in monitor, which may also be used as a virtual terminal for ISOBUS implements or as a display for parallel guidance and precision farming functions.
The 7000 series is the first ARBOS family of machines to adopt the new technological solutions asserting themselves in mechanised farming today, making it the perfect choice for medium to large concerns and the more exacting contractor.

Technical features

Cylinders/Displacement N°/cm³ FPT 6/6700
Injection system 2000 bar Common Rail
Max. homologated power (2000/25/CE) hp/KW 260/191
Max. torque Nm 1050
After treatment system DOC+ SCR integrated on rear side pillar
Ad-Blue fuel tank capacity l 50
Fuel tank capacity l 350 (OPT 450)
Gearstep 5
Range 2
Creeper STD
Speed FWD+REV 60+15 (with 4 “IMPLEMENT Powershift” gears underload)
Max. speed 50 kph (40 kph eco at 1840 rpm)
Shuttle Powershuttle
4WD Electrohydraulic engagement
Differential lock 100% diff lock with electrohydraulic engagement
Clutch WET clutch
Speed rpm 540Eco - 1000 - 1000Eco
Operation electrohydraulic
Braking system Wet disks, 4WD engagement
Trailer braking hydraulic/pneumatic braking system
Front Axle with with independent suspentions
Rear lift Electronic
Pump delivery 160 l/min load sensing + 40 l/m
Spool Valves rear 5 electrohydraulic std + Power Beyond
Spool Valves front 3 mid-mounted electrohydraulic
Max. lifting capacity at ball hitch 10500 kg
Cab features Original sound-proofed, with silent block mounted platform, high visibility roof with rounded glass, up to 8 worklights (4 rear + 4 front) + telescopic rear-view mirrors
Instruments TFT 7” digital display
Driver’s seat Pneumatic suspension, safety belt
Weight 8500 kg
Max. admissible load 14000 kg
Wheelbase 2950 mm
Max. tyres 710/60 R42